About Infinite Capital

Infinite Capital is a Corporate Advisory firm, supplying essential business solutions to Early and Expansion Stage companies, in the areas of Capital Raising, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Corporate Strategy.

Through our networks, we serve private companies delivering a broad range of services including:

  • Equity capital raisings
  • Becoming investor ready
  • Preparing for a trade sale or exit
  • Developing corporate strategy
  • Business succession planning
  • Developing a business plan or information memorandum

Our goal is to assist you in responding to changing market conditions, and facilitate the accelerated growth of your business by delivering tailor made solutions.

We regularly see good opportunities that are just lacking something and often entrepreneurs can be blinded as to what it is.  We aim to provide that something and assist our clients with the necessary guidance and support to get the results they are seeking.

Brett Dickinson - Managing Director


How we started.

Infinite Capital was founded in 2009 when Managing Director, Brett Dickinson noticed a clear gap in quality corporate advice for private companies.  It was an area where larger advisory firms don't operate whilst trusted service providers including Accountants and Lawyers lack the project management expertise to facilitate a successful transaction.  After failing to raise capital for his own business and then selling out for a price well below expectations, Brett realised there was more to learn and embarked on understanding how successful corporate transactions are managed so he could assist others where he had struggled himself.


Identifying Value is a key factor.

Valuing a business is a subjective process, whilst there are a number of formulas and methodologies, ultimately it comes down to what a buyer of shares or the whole company will see value in and at what price.  Clearly identifying and protecting the valuable assets a business can offer the market greatly enhances transaction values and pricing.


Why work with us.

With broad experience in business management and capital markets, the team at Infinite Capital can bring the legal, financial and operational know-how to project manage a corporate transaction for best results.

Infinite Capital
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