Our Partners

To ensure our clients get maximum value from our relationship Infinite Capital have developed a network of professionals with a proven ability to get results. 

We value our reputation and take care with who wel refer to so this network only consists of consultants and service providers that are aligned with Infinite Capital's values and can deliver outcomes for our clients. 

These select partners include:

 SME Trade

Secondary Market Services providing shareholder liquidity for unlisted companies



Business Management and Collaboration tools


 Wholesale Investor

Australia's largest private investment platform


MPR Group

Quality Tax and Accounting Advice

Articles We Like

We often come across articles that strike a chord and communicate a message just the way we like.  Here is a list of those to view.



Raising Capital




Due Diligence




Our Rules

We know rules are meant to be broken and we have learnt that they often are.  At Infinite Capital we believe in a series of rules established over time that provide the foundations of successful and lasting relationships.

Rule 1 - LTR


At any time in a relationship with staff, clients or associates we demand that there is mutual LIKE for each other, a mutual TRUST in each other and a mutual RESPECT for each other.  Experience has shown that if one of these are lacking the other aspects will disappear soon after.  Should these qualities be missing from a relationship we believe a mutually successful outcome is unlikely and job satisfaction and enjoyment will be non-existent.  In essence if the LTR isn't there neither is the relationship or the outcome.


Rule 2 - NWH


When Steven Covey first brought out his 7 Habits of Highly Successful people, Habit #2 - Begin With The End In Mind outlined the need to have a clear outcome, goal or destination defined before embarking on the journey.

We like to expand on this premise with our business GPS process we call NOW - WHERE - HOW.  Like any journey there are 3 parts, a start point, an end point and the path between them.  The final aspect being the pathway can only be defined once the start and end points have been defined much like a GPS.

At Infinite Capital we have discovered that failure to have clarity on a starting point and desired outcome makes it impossible to set a clear pathway.  We believe in this so much that we do not start on an assignment of developing and implementing an action plan until the start and end points are clearly defined and we often find a significant part of the value we deliver is in having the tools and processes to enable this to be clearly defined and agreed upon.  As the saying goes "if you don't know where you are going, any path with get you there."


Rule 3 - PSD

Process - System - Discipline

Growth in business comes from serving more people and growth can only be sustainable with a scalable business and delivery model.  Once a business has clearly identified the value it delivers to the market it needs a clearly defined process as to how they deliver that value so that it can be repeated.

With a proven process established, scalability can come through a tested and robust system of delivery.  Efficient systems include levels of automation that minimize the time, effort and cost of service delivery that can result in a more competitive and profitable business.

Once the system that runs the process is tested and implemented all staff need to have the discipline to maintain the system so that it runs smoothly and can continue to thrive. 

This PSD rule applies to all areas of business and in all industries, from admin and sales to production and logistics.  One of the biggest names on the planet has created a global icon on their ability to implement the processes and systems for growth with the discipline to ensure they adhered to, ever tried a Big Mac?


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