Capital Raising

7703634 sRaising capital as a private company is an area where most business owners have little education or understanding.

It is an area where larger firms do not participate, and few professional service providers have a comprehensive and practical understanding.

Any business going through an accelerated growth phase will have resource problems.  They are either...

  • Cash flow
  • Human Resources
  • Capital Equipment

Ultimately, it comes down to a company’s access to funds

Infinite Capital specialises in assisting early, expansion and mature stage companies with equity capital raising solutions. 

Infinite Capital will introduce you to a capital raising solution where you:

  • Are the majority shareholder, meaning you have control over the future of your business
  • Have no monthly repayments, no interest and requires no security
  • Are guided on what percentage of the business is allocated to raising the funds required for expansion
  • Utilise a capital raising process that is compliant with the laws, rules and regulations as outlined by ASIC
  • Are provided with an understanding of how to value your business in the capital raising process
  • Are provided with a path forward for your business, which can include raising capital, merger, acquisitions or trade sale depending on your business, industry and desired outcomes.  

Whilst commonly raising capital for early and expansion stage companies relies on the directors of the business, our network also includes:

  • Private investors
  • Wholesale and professional investors
  • High net worth individuals
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Specialist Financiers 

Through utilisation of our networks, companies are able to have their Capital Raising Offer viewed by an unprecedented amount of potential investors.

If you would like to explore your company’s potential for raising capital, click here to fill out our enquiry form.

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