M&A Financing Strategy

Infinite Capital offers creative solutions for growth and diversification financing. You may wonder about the appropriate financing for your company and where to find investors or lenders. You will need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of equity and debt financing. Financing growth means attracting investors and building financial partnerships that ensure your long-term success. Infinite Capital can link you with capital sources to help you stay competitive. We can provide you with many options from senior debt facilities to growth capital and mezzanine funding – let us help you craft the right package with the right team for your business. When your business needs growth financing, timing is critical. Infinite Capital has the right contacts to deliver the financing you need, when you need it.

The process of adding new capital (equity and/or debt) into your company can be necessary for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Buyout of partners or family members
  • Realising a portion of the real value of your company in cash as capital gains
  • Inject new capital for growth
  • Remove your personal risk from corporate liabilities
  • Create a vehicle to enable your management team to acquire equity or buy you out
  • Introduction of a Black Economic Empowerment partner
  • Grow the business with a new investor’s capital and sell the remainder of your equity at a later stage…and a higher value.

We can help you answer the following questions:

  • Where does this new capital come from?
  • Who can take advantage of this financial vehicle
  • Find out more about our financing advisory services
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